How to DownLoad Files :

--- NOTE ---
There are no Updates available for Version 10 of BusWise.
Please contact if you have questions or problems. They will be resolved ASAP.
is available as Beta software see below.

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Complete System :

Tpt-Ops Exceptional Efficiency: Less than 100MB ---

Updates :

There are no Upgrades to Tpt-Ops at this time.

If you are still running software before BW10v042. Please contact so that you can be provided with assistance with your upgrade to BW11v02. There are changes that need to be made to the data structures as well as programs. Any current data will NOT be affected. The upgrade provides more facilities and less user effort WITH EXISTING DATA.

Additional Software Provided :

The Utility Programs from 3rd-parties (see below). Some of the specialised tasks
in Tpt-Ops benefit from these Utilities. eg. Student Bus Pass printing.


incorporates a comprehensive STUDENT MANAGEMENT MODULE for printing of School Bus Passes and managing other mail-outs (such as Behaviour Issues etc..). Student Passes may also require the completion of Council or State Travel Application forms. In Queensland, Australia this is the BTA form controlled by DTMR. The module to enable the capture of these BTA forms is provided by the BTA-Extensions. The module provides any additional requirements which are not already included in the STUDENT MODULE and Students are assigned to the BTA form. 08v034 must be installed before the BTA-Extensions will operate correctly. When the BTA menu is selected for the first time the necessary Tables will be created automatically.
It is NOT necessary to apply the BTA-Extensions if the BTA facilities are not required. Extensions for other Government interfaces will be developed as they are identified.

Adobe © Read PDFs

is an older version of the Adobe Acrobat software which enables one to read files with a .PDF extension. Most people have a later version of this program already installed so this program will probably never be required. .PDF stands for Packed Data Format files and a number of files in are of this type.
There is a special program included with the distribution CD which allows you to create .PDF files instead of printing them. This provides an excellent way of storing printouts for repeated display rather than using paper. This program will then read the .PDF files created.
acrobat_rp505enu.exe should only be installed if you do not already have a copy of Adobe © Acrobat or Adobe © Reader installed on your system. This is an older version of the software which we provide because it is less complicated to install and to use than most of the later versions. This version is no longer supported by Adobe and they would recommend that you upgrade to their latest upgrade versions available on their site.

Command burner is an excellent utility for creating CDs or DVDs. It is ideal for creating copies of the complete c:\wamp\ folder which is positively the best way to backup . This keeps the complete system together as an entity. It can be done while the system is operational but this is not really recommended because you do not have a precise back-up point on record. It is best to take a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP at some regular fixed time. The system will fit on a CD (720MB) for even larger organisations so a daily backup first thing each morning would probably be ideal


is very useful for saving reports. This utility enables an office to become as close as possible to a paperless office. Once installed it appears in the Windows list of printers as if it is another printer. Which in fact it is! Except that the output from the .PDF creator can be saved to a folder on your disk and displayed using Adobe © Acrobat at any time you need to do so. This avoids the need for paper files (filing cabinets) or keeping many paper records. You just need to keep your .PDF files in a defined directory ( so that they can easily be found again ) and ENSURE THAT THESE DIRECTORIES ARE RECORDED in your back-up policies and procedures.

AVERY DesignPro 5.EXE ©

this program is used to create labels for printing on most printers for most label types. The full set of Avery label formats are certainly included. The program is from the Avery website (with thanks) and is provided with BusWise to facilitate the printing of Student passes in the STUDENT MODULE. More information is provided in the HELP database for the Student Module.

Please advise BusWise about any problems or concerns
- we appreciate all input.
Use the Contact page -OR- email : Thank you.

Installing Downloaded Files :

The files are all self-extracting files with an extension of .EXE.
When the appropriate download file is selected from this website page a window similar to

will open. Select - Run - to apply the download directly to the requesting PC.

The .EXE files can also be saved into any directory selected and then executed by double-click on the .EXE file to complete the installation of the data from the files. The proceedure to be followed for installing the .EXE files follows.

The following Security warning will appear :

Please select - Run - to proceed.
The following BusWise Extraction screen will then be displayed


Please click on - Install - and the file will download into C:\wamp\www\BusWise without overwriting your registered encryption file or making any changes to your REGISTRATION KEY.
Thank you for keeping your BusWise system current.
Impala / BusWise.

For Complete System :

When the download is completed double-click on the BWrrVnnn.exe file and a pop-up screen similar to


will be displayed for the Extraction showing the name of the chosen folder at the bottom. The folder will normally be C:\bwtemp\. You may change this if you wish to do so Click on - Install -. This will create a folder called CD. The files in this folder are all the files needed to install and run the installation. The contents of this folder is identical to the CD which would be sent to you if requested.
The ReadMe.txt file in this CD folder has all the latest information about installing and starting . There is also a slide-show presentation with all the installation process described in more detail by clicking on the bw_install_guide.exe file in the CD folder.
Please read these notes thoroughly at least once before starting the rest of the install process. This will avoid any unexpected surprises. Take care when doing the install because what is in fact being installed is a complete web server (WAMP) as well as the application code (programs) AND sample data.