Extremely reasonable PRICING ensures increased PROFITABILITY for any organisation.


All prices are quoted in Australian dollars ( A$ ) excluding GST (add 10% for GST)
or as applicable for each Country.
The MAXIMUM cost for any ONE SITE = 200 buses
OBJECTIVE : To make the system affordable for small organisations.

provides comprehensive, easy to use and cost effective software.

The DEMONSTRATION software is downloadable from the website free of charge. The software needs to be initialised to start the 90 day FREE TRIAL The only restriction is that it is limited to 30 buses.
If you would prefer to see your own Company Name shown on the displays and reports
email support@buswise.net for a LIMITED REGISTRATION KEY. -OR- Click on Contact - Register
The DEMONSTRATION system is fully functional and allows a user to load their own data before any payment needs to be made. The system can be fully evaluated during this time and the data will not be changed in any way when the LIVE Registration Key is applied.

Many users do not have the time to load their data. This is probably the biggest distraction when considering computerization. Impala will undertake the task of loading TimingPoints, Routes (Trips and Trip times with Driver instructions), Bus details, Driver details, Charter Customers and Drop-off addresses from existing documentation. Spreadsheets can be loaded directly.

From this information can generate a set of Optimised Shifts to meet the requirements of the Scheduled TimeTables or the Shift details currently used can be loaded. Confidentiality agreements would be signed.

Impala will load the Tables/Databases and the completed system will be handed over with a summarised User Operations Manual PLUS a 20-week REGISTRATION KEY. This will allow you to run YOUR COMPLETED system for 20 weeks with NO FURTHER COMMITTMENT. When you are satisfied that system is completely operational go to Option 4 which will be reduced by 50% of the cost of the data-capture costs.

OPTION 3 : 26-week LIVE TRIAL :
Impala understands the business concerns about long term commitments. Particularly when this relates to computer software.
This is probably because the REAL benefit to the business ( like Advertising ) is not visible to the User unless it is suddenly not there. CRISIS is subject to Parkinson's Law Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion! so if there is no CRISIS then the importance of lesser challenges is increased. HOWEVER when all the decisions are easier to make ( because the information to make them is so easily available ) then the $$$$ cost to the business is significantly lowered.

The 26-week REGISTRATION KEY OPTION allows you to extend the 30-day Demo period while loading the company data and establishing the efficiency and control that will save a lot of money and stress.

provides the platform to streamline your business by applying your experience to your business and creating efficient workflows.

When you are completely comfortable with the System go to Option 4 which will be reduced by the amount paid for Option 3.

The 52-week REGISTRATION KEY provides 24/7 phone/internet support for which this System was designed.


Each time that you receive a new REGISTRATION KEY you are entitled to 10 Free Support Calls . HOWEVER Impala believes that you should never need to use these calls because of the very extensive 50 page contextual User Help System provided. If more than the 10 calls per year are made then Impala will charge $25 per call.
If a call relates to a program error or fault it will NOT count as a Support Call.

Cost to renew the REGISTRATION KEY (annually) :
The 52-week REGISTRATION KEY entitles Users to any upgrades, fixes or additions to the System free of charge. The annual savings using the system will far exceed this payment.

Please Call -OR- email support@buswise.net if you have any questions.


Because the Software is a LIVING Software System it will grow with the industry and all the developing technology. For example does not include a vehicle maintenance module at this time. This module will be built from the requirements defined by our users.

Although we do have context sensitive access to Google Map © we do not cater for direct GPS input from your vehicles on the road. ( Although we can interface to the expensive but cost effective systems that exist at this time.) These modules WILL be developed and incorporated into the software some time in the future. We also encourage input from our Users regarding suggestions for improving the system.