These Slide Show TUTORIALS are available in addition to THE COMPREHENSIVE CONTEXTUAL HELP files.

The buttons next to the Subject Titles below allow the TUTORIAL to be downloaded as an .EXE file to the inhouse System
-OR- to be viewed as a Slide-Show online.
The Slide Shows are screen shots from and the slides can be advanced by using the GREEN ARROWS in the yellow notes on each slide.

Always use the menu (left hand pane) to go to any other aspect of the site.
These Tutorials will all be re-built before the release of Version 04.

-OR- ----- D01 - Data Capture Step 1 - TimingPoints or TPs.

-OR- ----- D02 - Data Capture Step 2 - Routes or Trips using TPs.

-OR- ----- D03 - Data Capture Step 3 - Shifts built using Routes - One line on a WorkSheet.

-OR- ----- D04 - Data Capture Step 4 - Buses using a set of defined characteristics.

-OR- ----- T00 - Register company name and Number of buses for a Key.

-OR- ----- T01 - Operator Training Step 1. How to Login to the BusWise System.

-OR- ----- T02 - Operator Training Step 2. Using the WorkSheet from DEMO data.

-OR- ----- T03 - Operator Training Step 3. Building Daily Schedules / WorkSheets.

-OR- ----- T04 - Operator Training Step 4. Creating and managing Charters for WorkSheets.